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How it works

3 Easy Steps! A general summary how we do things.


We simplified things for you. You can simply click the Steam Sign-in button and you are good to go!

Match Making

We match your location & most-played-games with other gamers in your area - no effort, no requirements!


Add your friends and matched gamers to create your best team for competitive or friendly gaming!

Recent Players

A few awesome people playing games.

Buy us Pizza

We will use the dough to improve matching algorithms, upgrade hosting server, add more features to make your life easier and improve entire experience.

Some Cool Games

Awesome gamers play really cool games.

Future Planning

What we have planned for the near future.


Planning are definitely essential when it comes to creating a great service. That's why we only started off with supporting Steam gamers & games. We want to support Xbox & Playstation as soon as we have enough interest.


We always learn as we go! Improving the Interface, Experience, Player Matching etc. all these elements can be improved with your help. We would like to have a chat, so if you have any good ideas, questions etc. please don't hesitate to contact us here.

App Support

Currently we are only web based. We are super hard at work to get our Android Google Play and iOS iTunes apps up and running to make life a bit easier for you guys.

Gamers LFG

We want to be the number 1 go-to service for gamers who are Looking For Group. With your help we can easily reach our targets and become what we are striving for!